Working Group Expert Papers

The CALAMAR project convened a dialogue of more than 40 experts from both sides of the Atlantic, organized in four working groups. The project began in January 2010 and culminated in a final conference in Lisbon, Portugal in April 2011 where recommendations for strengthening transatlantic cooperation in maritime governance were presented. Each working group prepared a summary paper that highlights the key recommendations.

Oceans and Climate Change
High Seas

Integrated Maritime Policies and Tools

EU/US Transatlantic Cooperation

Report: Policy recommendations for improved EU and US cooperation in maritime governance

The final CALAMAR project report lays out policy recommendations for improved EU and US transatlantic cooperation in maritime governance across a wide array of issue areas. It is based on the recommendations selected by the working groups throughout their discussions over the course of the CALAMAR project.

Full report; Policy Brief

Background Papers

The following reports complemented the CALAMAR dialogue, providing background on EU and US marine policy and opportunities to strengthen transatlantic cooperation in maritime governance.

A Comparison: EU and US Ocean Policy

Full report; Executive Summary

Opportunities and Challenges in the EU and US for Marine Governance Integration

Full report; Executive Summary